Thursday, May 26, 2011

Joplin, Missouri Tornado:Tribute to a town and the People

Joplin, Missouri Tornado: Tribute to the Town and The People
As I sit and look at all of the pictures of the destructive hateful tornado of Joplin, MO…I could not help but lay my head down and cry for the loss of life and the loss for a town.  As growing up in Texas and living close to Jarrell, Texas that also was victim to destructive winds, I couldn’t help but put some feelings out there.

Fact 1.)   Joplin was the largest city in Missouri, with a population of about 50,150 people as of 2010.  There are rumors as to how the town got its name. Some believe it is from the ragtime composer Scott Joplin, while really it is from Reverend Harris Joplin. He was the founder of the first Methodist congregation the area had.
Fact 2.) It is also a place that Bonnie and Clyde spent about 3 weeks after they killed Newton County Constable John Wesley Harryman and Joplin Police Detective Harry McGinnis. 

As you look at all of the destruction and chaos that it brought this town in Missouri, it is a horrible reminder of how precious life is and you never know what dark cloud is coming your way, Live life to it’s fullest.  

We need to remember all the good little Factoids of this town. It has a lot of history, architectural homes, and buildings, and People that live there. These people are going to be in a fight to survive and this fight will only make them stronger. I encourage you to find out more facts, these were just little nuggets to start out with. There are other great things to still learn about the town. 

This town from what I have read has a lot of great, strong families and as they re-build their lives, their, hospitals, schools, and church’s, Will continue to have a heart that continues beating stronger than before.   
It is going to take more than a destructive tornado to make this town disappear…As the town gathers and sings…”We aren’t going nowhere…”  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cell Phones a.ka. Mini Computer on your hip..Good or Bad??

Technology: Pro or a Con?

Do you remember when your phone rang during dinner and you said let it ring, or they will call back. Well it isn’t like that anymore. People are always available and are able to be reached. We have Pagers (who uses those anymore?) we have cell phones, were we can access via email, chat, IM, facebook, web cam, or some social network.

People don’t go on vacation anymore with out still being able to send an email from the mini computer they carry on their hip.

Is this a good thing or not? In my opinion it is both. I like it because when I am sitting with my boyfriend watching Terminator Salvation, Blade II, or some other movie for the 10th time, I can still be in the same room as him…and boom…I am seeing my sport scores, following the weather, or just socially networking with my friends. Then this raises another question…Does this mean I am not spending time with him? Does this mean that I am rude? Is it still spending time with him if I am in the same room searching the web from my handy little device? This is one of those issues that I am sure is going to have all kinds of different opinions.

Here is mine. I think there is a balance. I think that a movie should be on that we both like and I think a little bit of it is ok…If your eyes are glued to it and you don’t even remember what your partner said to you 3 minutes ago, cause your so wrapped up in what John Doe said on his facebook status….This is when I think there should be a rule or two put in place.

I believe that a con to this is, it keeps people and families that have 1000’s of miles of distance and large body’s of water between them, I believe this can be an easy way to stay close knit as a family and you can stay connected.

Would love to hear your opinion…

A City Girl in the City Lights

Fight for them, Because there worth it

Have you ever woken up late taken a glance at the clock and realized that you only have like 10 minutes to get out the door? I did this today. What was even more interesting…Is my son and I managed to leave on time, but the roads seemed desolate and empty. Seemed as if time was standing still , and we were in a movie fixing to take on the biggest fights of our lives.

This of course got me thinking that this is what we do daily. This is what we do every time we leave our homes and get out in the world. We are fighting to survive and live life to its fullest. We take on the world every time we get out in it and drive to work, go to an interview and give our best performance, or just try and make it down the grocery aisle without bumping into someone else’s cart. 

Some people have bigger fights they are facing. Some are fighting with the will to stay clean from all sorts of addictions. Some are fighting the will to live at all, while others may be fighting to keep their family together.
I feel as a single mother that fighting for your family can be one of the hardest things, but one of the most rewarding as well. My son and I are together and have welcomed my boyfriend into our family and have had our ups and downs. But we all love each other and would die for each in a heartbeat.  
Our families, friendships, and our lives are worth fighting for. Don’t ever give up the fight when you know it’s worth it.

True Friends Through Thick and Thin

So lately I am up against a wall and at crossroads. Between a rock and a hard place.

 As I grow up and I grow older and wiser (with no grey hair still) I have come to a place where I no longer want to chit chat on the phone. Or maybe not want to but don’t have the time too.  I prefer a text, a text that I can get back to you when I can. Well I received a text saying “we don’t talk like we use too”. "You don’t call me every day" (which i never call anyone everyday, nor do I want too). "We are just not what we use to be.”

I let this bother me for a little bit, and then after much thought and thinking…WHATEVER is what I have to say to this.  I have been friends with some of the people I know since grade school. Really are you serious? Are you kidding me?  Some of these people I talk to like once every 3 months if that, and there some of the strongest  friendships that I have. 

The meaning of friendship doesn’t mean that we talk on the phone every day (that would be called Middle School), or that we spend every weekend together. This is not friendship…This is called Co-dependent. I don’t need this at all in my life, nor do I want it. I have a 14 year old who needs guidance in his life. I don’t have time. 

Friendship needs no validation (means…I don’t need to talk to you every day, once a week, or even once a month for you to know your my friend) If you called and needed me, I would be there or vice versa.
It means even in a fight you would know that if you needed a ride to the emergency room in the middle of the night, you could call and I would rush over to give you a ride.
That is the kind of friendships I need and I want, and I have, So if you’re not that kind of friend to me…Keep it

To all of my true friends…I love you and wouldn’t trade you for  the world.

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's My (Revival) Friday..What does your Friday Mean?


What does Friday mean to you? For some it is the dreadful schedules of soccer practice, football game drills, grocery shopping, or for some their work week is just beginning. Is it the days that all run together cause there is so much to do? Is it the meaning of Sunday coming around and your tired from your weekend? Or is the feeling of Laughter, friends, Happy Hour, a cooler packed with limes, cold beer, and a lime or 2? I think I will take the latter option…I like a Margarita or 2 to start out my weekend.

I believe weekends are  much needed for the soul. Somewhat like a revival. A Revival of our spirit’s within to get us through another week of chores, responsibility, and work.  Weekends are the sounds of our favorite song on the radio, feet swaying back and forth to that song we remember dancing to when we were 4 years old. Weekends are for watching Longhorn Football and wearing that burnt orange shirt that you know brings our fall boys the best wishes of luck. It is for the Smokers and the Bar-b-que grills coming out of the garage with the old dusty cob webs and knowing that pretty soon it is going to have that aroma of Texas Bar-B-Que. These are the things I look forward to when my Friday comes around

Point is: your Friday may be my Monday or My Friday may be your Tuesday, Let’s remember that we all need to slow it down and get some good old time revival to be the best persons  that we are and rightly  
Should be…If I do say so myself.

"The Things we think about sitting in Traffic"

Traffic, sitting in it can bring such topics as this to mind. Do you ever sit and find yourself smiling at a memory from so far back? Or do you giggle because the cute guy at the drive thru flirted with you and it boosted your ego? Is it a need to have the flirtatious in us brought out? Or is it just that it makes us desirable therefore: We think…I am still sexy or pretty?

Does this mean we are cheating? Or that we want to cheat?

I don’t believe no, not at all. As I am sure that others will have a difference of opinion. I believe that it is a natural desire especially for a woman to know that someone else other than her man thinks she is smoking hot. I know speaking for me…It gives me a little extra swing in my walk, and let’s not forget that glowing smile. You know, that smile that brings all your girlfriends around in a huddle during Happy Hour to “gossip”.  I don’t know about you ladies, but I love those little girl talks that are just too hot for everyone else to hear.

So, I am sure as I drive home this will always be one of those debatable subjects and so rightfully. If we all had the same opinion…How boring would that be…Completely Boring.

The next time you go to the grocery store and the meat butcher guy flirts his way through filling your order, I say smile back and take the flirt as I am hot… my lover, boyfriend, or husband isn’t the only one in the world who thinks so either.