Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heart Over Mind-Vince Moreno..It has changed my life!

As I sit at work with the last 5 minutes of the day just twiddling my thumbs, I as usual decide I am going to You-tube some music...I don't really remember what I listened to, but do you ever look at what you-tube suggests for you to watch or listen,too? Well it suggested "Heart over Mind" Vince Moreno..and as I closed up shop for the day I liked what I was hearing and clicked on the "Show more info" and low and behold...What Do I see..I see the name of the man who fathered me, that I had never met...right there before my eyes, not only did I hear his music but was in fact watching a video of him playing and singing.

 My mind went from excitement, my heart dropping to my stomach, butterflies, anger..all rolled in one lovely package in a matter of 4 1/2 minutes. How could this be? How could the man that I had finally put closure to in my life 14 years ago come stumbling back into my life over a youtube suggested video...I mean really? What does this all mean?

I have actually done some googling, ancestry, and internet searching and much to my amazement over the last week, I have learned so much about a man that I dont even know, but I should...but dont!

The deck of cards that we are dealt aren't always going to be the one that wins you the hand, but the can defienetly point you into a direction that in the end could just be the "winning hand"

Signing out--City Girl in the City Lights! Have a Great Labor Day Weekend

Heart over Mind--Vince Moreno
Please enjoy the song...Again this means so much to me...Peace out!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

“I wish they brought back”...the 80's Music...the Era! Ok..All of it!

Ok…I am doing it…I am bringing the “I wish they brought back” Back…!!
Yes, I am so going there. I was born in the late 70’s but have found that I love my 80’s. I love the culture, the color, the spunk punk rock, the music, and most of all..The Attitude the 80's had! I love it all and “Wish they would bring it back”

Music:  I love all of the music. Um Hello…I follow several 80’s bands throughout the Austin, Texas Area Including, Skyrocket, Radio Star, and a new addition Capital Suspects, I just got to get my fill of the 80’s and if that isn’t enough my poor co-worker gets to listen to it all day long on my AOL Radio…. What can I say? It at brings smiles to my face and gets my feet on another level. Some of the bands Include: Air Supply, Barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow, Blondie, A Flock Of Sea Gulls, The Beatles, Chicago, Dazz Band…I mean I could just keep going on and on. I can’t even begin to write all of them down. Ok so I will try...Billy Jean-Michael Jackson, Into the Groove-Madonna, Super Freak (12 inch mix), Beat it-Michael Jackson, Funky town-Lipps Inc-Pure Disco, Sweet Dreams-Eurythmics, Don’t you Want Me-Human League, Tainted Love-Soft Cell, Like a Virgin-Madonna, Blue Monday-New Order… I mean that is just the top of the cherry pie. I love getting up and dancing and making a fool of me and this is just some of the sweet cherry Pie!

The clothes! I am so there. Who didn’t have a pair of MC Hammer Pants and just love them. I would give anything to have a pair. I was so young in the 80’s I remember when MTV only played music videos. The style was so punkish, rocker, crimped hair, big colored hoop earring, ponytails off to the side of the head. Oh and scrunches’, and tying your t-shirt in a little knot and rolling the sleeve to a perfect cuff. Oh MY God I love it! I feel an 80’s party oh so coming on! 

Then there is the furniture: Got the modern with an edge hip in it. Just so stylish and what is so crazy is that all of the 80’s has been creeping its way back in to America People. How can you not love something so fun and crazy? 

Well if you are in the Cedar Park, Texas area and feeling throwing some crazy 80’s clothes on or just dancing to a song or 2…Shooters in the Rail Yard Crossing 9 PM Capital Suspects…I will be there no doubt!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A City Girl in the City Lights...Austin, Texas: County Line on Behalf of Everything Outdoors!

A City Girl in the City Lights...Austin, Texas: County Line on Behalf of Everything Outdoors!: "I usually don’t want to blog about work, but since it involves great people I work with and friends from a company based on the same prope..."

County Line on Behalf of Everything Outdoors!

I usually don’t want to blog about work, but since it involves great people I work with and friends from a company based on the same property…And the County Line…How could I not? I would be crazy.

Once a year “Everything Outdoors” treats the employees of Greenhouse Mall to a meal at the One and Only County Line…And it is fabulous.   They offer smoked barbecue – ribs, brisket, sausage and chicken – with traditional sides of cole slaw, potato salad and beans. Mouthwatering no doubt. May not be the best for your waist line but let me tell you, if you’re on a diet and want to have a sinful cheat day…You found the right indulgent. The one off the lake in Austin, Texas is great because you can pull your boat right up to the dock and enter their outdoor patio. Something the kids will love, feeding all of the turtles, Hundreds of them come out when they see you start throwing food out. It is such a gorgeous site to see. 

They also employ college-age students. You don’t always find a lot of work places now these days that will work around a schedule that can sometimes just be crazy. So I find pleasure in not only supporting my local restaurants and not a chain, but to an understanding management to not only the customer needs but the employees, this is truly hard to find. 

Another interesting fact, they actually have a program called Air ribs, that’s right. Yes they ship their delicious ribs right to your front door. If that is not an added bonus, I am not sure what is. 

They have 9 locations right now, all of them but one is located in the Texas State, the other one is in New Mexico. Several of them also have Music Series going on in there restaurants as well. What a great way to get some good family time in, Enjoy summer, Eat great food, and listen to some tunes.
So if you come to Austin Texas or live here already and are like me where you have never been, now is the perfect time to grab your shoes, and be prepared for some finger licking good food. 

http://www.everythingoutdoorsaustin.com/ --Check their website out 
My Friend Dan McBride and myself from Everything Outdoors!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time to pick up the Pens and Pencils Kids…School Time is Upon Us!

Wow. I can’t believe it is that time again…Time for early morning breakfast, running out to the car with a coffee mug in one and a back pack in the other.
School Time…Earlier Alarm Clocks, Football practice at 7:30am =(.    Then there is the rushing home to get a healthy dinner on the table at a decent time. Boy ol’ Boy…summer is over….

I don’t know about you, but it seems as children start growing into their teens they are more exhausting and harder to keep up with than when they were just 2. This summer has consisted of Drive here, drive there, Get picked up here, Get dropped off there…constantly handing over $$ to my son for Midnight Madness at the Local YMCA, movies, birthday parties…you name it…the list just goes on and on. Usually a trip to the pool was enough now it is trips to Fiesta Texas and the beach with friends. Time flies and it only seems like yesterday when my son was just in 5th grade and now he is a freshman. 

I am finding myself having to revamp my schedule and make sure that I am prepared, because the earlier getting up and the earlier going to bed is going to be adjustment in itself for me as well. I have found myself to not have been very responsible with my own time. Going to bed a little later then I should have over the summer. I guess that just is one of those things that just come along with summer…crazy schedules and breaking all of the rules. 

Well no worries now. I am going to have to just buckle down now and establish all the rules and have a family meeting to make sure we are all on the same page.  I will say this…that as your kids get older they are a lot more demanding of your time and that defiantly becomes much more profound as they hit High School. I also see that as he grows into adulthood that he needs me now more then ever, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
 Go Cedar Park Timberwolves!

Cedar Park High School Football Schedule  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Capital Suspects (Popular 80's Band) Playing at the Shooters In Cedar Park, Texas August 20th

Capital Suspects: I will say I had one of the best times watching this band. Not only were they really great at interacting with the crowd and you could just tell that the passion was their burning strong. Laughter and smiles, and of course all of the hit songs..you couldn't help but get up and dance. They were supposed to be done at 1am and they played till 1:45am. You know these guys make a living singing and traveling...they could have easily just said one more song and been done. But No..they played at least 4 more songs. They didn’t have to do that, but the crowd had such a blast and was dancing and cheering them on that they ended up just going and going. Great Show guys! 

The band performs rock hits from the past and future classics of today. Each tune is an instantly recognizable radio favorite that has everyone wanting to dance and sing along. Neat thing is a couple that has been following them for at least fifteen years..they even had them play at their 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebration. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is.  

Deanna and Anthony...Thank you for the invite....(We will see you at the next show for sure). Now my honey and I are addicted and will definitely be going to see more of them.
There next show is Saturday August 20th at the Shooters in Cedar Park at 9.  You won’t regret going to see them. Such fun you will have. I feel a Facebook Event coming up…
Check their website out. 

To see what you are in for. Enjoy..Listen to their sample Tunes.

http://www.shootersbilliards.net/   Where they will be playing next.