Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A No-stick Annointing: My notes from Joel Osteen's Sermon 11/04/2012

There will always be people who talk behind your back, gossip about you or someone else, or who don't understand you, and try to bring strife into your life...ALWAYS...Never EVER listen or dwell on those things...Let it slide off your back, in one ear and out the other. Those people in your life who tried to bring Negative into your world.. if you let it go and move on will see you promoted and fulfilling the destiny you are suppose to have and are promised by God!! Those people will be left behind and find themselves still doing the same thing...Bringing poison to people's lives.

As Pastor Joel Osteen said it best, Put on your No-stick (no I will not let those negative words control or consume my life) Anointing and let it roll off  your back, in one ear and out the other and Be who you are meant to be and fulfill his calling on your life.

Never Ever be critical of someone becasue they were critical of you. When you do that, the posion they spread into your life will cause you to dwell on the things that really dont matter and you will miss your destiny. Never Ever waste valuable time trying to convince someone to like you or approve of you!

If David in the Bible would have sat around waiting on the approval of his father and his brothers, He would have missed his destiny and calling. We do not need the approval of men to fulfill our God given calling and our promised blessings! Move Forward!