Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lone Star Grille in Cedar Park Review...DONT GO...HORRIBLE!!

How to even begin, well let's jump right to it. 

1. For a Sunday around 2 pm we waited 1hr and 20 minutes. All tables were not full, there were staff goofing off, checking their text messages as they were working. 

2. When we were finally seated, the hostess said she would be right back for our drink order. She left and we didn't see her for another 25 minutes. When she finally came we had been seated so long we already had our orders ready to put in with our drink order and her response was an awful face, and I only can take your drink order. We said ok and placed our drink order...4 glasses of water and 2 teas....She messed that order up!! I waited till I was almost done with my food before I received a drink..and I asked for a water 5 times! 

3. Oh what a disaster...We ordered 4 chicken steak dinners all the same, 2 kids mac and cheese meals, 1 appetizer of jalepeno wraps...We ended up with 3 steak dinners, no fourth one, but an order of Lone Star Chicken, 

Service was beyond awful, waitresses and waiters look like they don't want to be there. Food was really good. Everyone who got their food loved their food. 

For a nice atmosphere its nice, for service AWFUL. 

I honestly do not recommend this place at all. It is sad cause this place has alot of potential cause of location and the design...but for service and the price of the food it was just a horrible experience. 

they were offering Crawfish that you went to the Outside Bar to pay for and get...Well when we went to pay the tab, they tried billing us again...No one knew what the other was doing, they did that with our beer too. They assumed since there was beer on our table they should bill us, We waited so long we went to the outside bar to get it. 

And no we were not sitting at a non service table!! Just DONT GO! 

LC Rocks April 2015 Line Up!!

LC Rocks!! Way to Rock your pants off!! 

March 27th--The Oasis 7 pm
March 28th--Speakeasy 10 pm
April 3rd Shooters 620 10 pm 
April 4th--Billys Ice 9.30 pm 
April 10th--Hanovers 9.30 $10 
April 11th Blue Bonnet Palace 9.30pm 
April 17th Oasis on Lake Travis(No time listed) Assuming 7 pm!!  
April 18th--Shooters 1430 10 pm 
Please check the website for any revisions or cancellations! 

Hanover's in Pflugerville Music Line Up April 2015!!

April 2nd White Stone Band 8pm 
April 3rd $5 Moby Dick 
April 4th $5 Patrick Pike Band 9pm
                    Chris Castane 11.30 pm 
April 8th Gary Anderson 
April 9th Stone Crow Band 
April 10th $10 LC Rocks 
April 11th Brew Fest Fundraiser 
                  9.30pm Fire flight 
April 15th Chris Castaneda 
April 16th Rear Wheel Drive 
April 17th $10 Door Guns and Oil 8pm
                        Skyrocket the Band 11.30pm 
April 18th TBA 
April 22nd Make it Stop Band 
April 23rd King George Band 

Please check website for changes, cancellations, or time changes!

Midnight Rodeo Austin Music Line up April 2015

March 27th Josh Ward $8-$12 
April 3rd Jon Wolfe $12-$23
April 10th Cody Johnson $15-$20
April 17th Josh Grider $8-$12 
May 1st Cameran Nelson $8-$12
May 29th Matt Kimbrow & Ray Johnston $8-$12

They may add or cancel shows, please check their website out! 

Wild West Cedar Park Music guests for April!

Wild West Music Guests! 

March 26th Cody Johnson $12-$20
March 27th Jason Boland $15-$18
April 2nd Cameran Nelson w/ Matt Kimbrow $12 
July 2nd Cory Morrow w/ Sam Riggs $15-$18

they may add more as the summer moves along, Will update in the season!

American Gypsy Band Shows for the Summer!

American Gypsy Summer Line Up! 

March 27th--Rumi's in Jonestown 
April 2nd--Private Event 
April 3rd-Shenanigan's 
April 4th--Lonestar Court 
April 10th--Hardtails in Georgetown 
April 17th--Uncle Gary's Plugerville 
May 2nd--Hanover's in Pflugerville 
 May 9th--Hardtails in Georgetown 
May 15th--Uncle Gary's in Pflugerville 
May 16th--Hotel Sorella Houston Texas 
May 23rd--Uncle Gary's Plugerville 

More shows may be added or cancelled. Please see Bands webiste here:

4 Steps to Handle Drama

Being that I have seen my fair share of family/friend drama and I have distanced those culprits to be more like acquaintances from now to eternity...I thought I would jot some of my ideas down tonight! What has helped me in handling the drama I now am NO LONGER apart of! This I promise you....If I see it lurking at even the tiniest speck..Bye bye to you, Family, Friend or Whomever! You got that...cause it took me a while to get it!

4 Steps to Handle Drama! 
1.) Know what you Know
If you know a person is sensitive or easily angered, adjust your responses accordingly so you don't  inadvertently trigger a shocking response! Know what you Know, forgive what has to be forgiven and move forward in love AND knowledge 

2.) Stay present and OTHER-centered 
When there is an emotional exchange, stay focused on and touch with the other person's emotional state. This serves 2 purposes!! You will be in a better position to help the person understand if there was a misunderstanding and to help them to feel better if they are upset. 

3.) Don't let Frustration spill over where it does NOT belong! 
when there is any kind of confusion or drama brewing, it is ESSENTIAL to keep unrelated frustration OUT OF THE CONVERSATION! Not just in words either, the emotional state as well! 

4.) A Time to Stop 
When 2 eyes and hearts can't be on one accord after several attempts it is time to stop! If someone is determined to misunderstand who you are or what you are about and they have no intention of moving forward, nothing you say will have impact. 

Life is simply to hard and to much stress, too let family or friends create UN-necessary drama and related BS that comes along with it. I don't know about you, but between my 10hr work day, dinner, laundry, the friends time I do have, the music shows I have, the blogging I so love to do....I am NOT willing to give one of those up for drama. Can't have it, won't have it and if offends some one..Move along! 

Dysfunkshun Junkshun Austin Band Summer Line up!

There Summer Line up! 

March 27th--Sherlock's Pub 
April 4th--San Antonio Bakers Street Pub 
April 11th--Houston-Private Event 
April 24th--Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown Texas 
April 25th-Houston Private Event 
May 2nd-Private Event 
May 9th-Private Event 
May 14th-University of Texas Golf Club 
May 16th-Private Event 
May 23rd--Private Event 
May 29th--The Oasis 
May 30th--Private Event 
June 5th--Sherlocks Pub 
June 18th--Private Event 
July 4th-The Oasis on Lake Travis 


The Stooch Band Line Up!! More will be added as they edit thier page! Enjoy!!

I love going to see this band! These guys are awesome!! 

March 28th--Hardtails Bar & Grill 9 pm 
April 11th--Shooter's Billards & Sports Bar (Cedar Park) 
May 1st--Shananigans 9.30 pm 
May 8th--Hardtails Bar & Grill 9 pm 
May 29th--Shooters (620) 9.30 pm 
June 5th--Moontower Saloon 8 pm 

Any added shows will be added to the blog when they edit their page! 

The Stooch Band Website!!

The Oasis April Music Line Up!! Live Music

The Oasis Music Calendar for April!! Spring is here! Time to get out and see some live Music!! 

Friday April 3rd--Memphis Train @ 7pm
Saturday April 4th--6:30 pm Brothers Vinyl
                                7:00 pm Uptown Drive
Sunday April 5th--7 pm The Brew 
Thursday April 9th--7 pm Jul and the Chrome Wheels 
Friday April 10th--7 pm Dsyfunkshun Junkshun 
Saturday April 11th--6.30 pm Teddy Long 
                                  7 pm The Eggmen 
Sunday April 12th--7 Pm The Brew 
Thursday April 16th--7 pm Funky Brass Factory
Friday April 17th--7 pm LC Rocks 
Saturday April 18th 6.30 pm Tyler Caffey 
Sunday April 19th--7pm The Brew 
Monday April 20th-- 8 pmRepublic Of Texas Big Band
Thursday April 23rd-- 7 pm Natural Causes
Saturday April 25th--6.30 pm Zachary John 
                                   7 pm Dsyfunkshun Junkshun 
Sunday April 26th--The Brew 
Thursday April 30th--7:30 pm Bonnie and the Bootleggers 
Friday May 1st--7 pm Memphis Train 
Saturday May 2nd--6.30 pm Teddy Long 
                                7 pm Rocket Brothers