Thursday, March 26, 2015

4 Steps to Handle Drama

Being that I have seen my fair share of family/friend drama and I have distanced those culprits to be more like acquaintances from now to eternity...I thought I would jot some of my ideas down tonight! What has helped me in handling the drama I now am NO LONGER apart of! This I promise you....If I see it lurking at even the tiniest speck..Bye bye to you, Family, Friend or Whomever! You got that...cause it took me a while to get it!

4 Steps to Handle Drama! 
1.) Know what you Know
If you know a person is sensitive or easily angered, adjust your responses accordingly so you don't  inadvertently trigger a shocking response! Know what you Know, forgive what has to be forgiven and move forward in love AND knowledge 

2.) Stay present and OTHER-centered 
When there is an emotional exchange, stay focused on and touch with the other person's emotional state. This serves 2 purposes!! You will be in a better position to help the person understand if there was a misunderstanding and to help them to feel better if they are upset. 

3.) Don't let Frustration spill over where it does NOT belong! 
when there is any kind of confusion or drama brewing, it is ESSENTIAL to keep unrelated frustration OUT OF THE CONVERSATION! Not just in words either, the emotional state as well! 

4.) A Time to Stop 
When 2 eyes and hearts can't be on one accord after several attempts it is time to stop! If someone is determined to misunderstand who you are or what you are about and they have no intention of moving forward, nothing you say will have impact. 

Life is simply to hard and to much stress, too let family or friends create UN-necessary drama and related BS that comes along with it. I don't know about you, but between my 10hr work day, dinner, laundry, the friends time I do have, the music shows I have, the blogging I so love to do....I am NOT willing to give one of those up for drama. Can't have it, won't have it and if offends some one..Move along! 

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