Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lone Star Grille in Cedar Park Review...DONT GO...HORRIBLE!!

How to even begin, well let's jump right to it. 

1. For a Sunday around 2 pm we waited 1hr and 20 minutes. All tables were not full, there were staff goofing off, checking their text messages as they were working. 

2. When we were finally seated, the hostess said she would be right back for our drink order. She left and we didn't see her for another 25 minutes. When she finally came we had been seated so long we already had our orders ready to put in with our drink order and her response was an awful face, and I only can take your drink order. We said ok and placed our drink order...4 glasses of water and 2 teas....She messed that order up!! I waited till I was almost done with my food before I received a drink..and I asked for a water 5 times! 

3. Oh what a disaster...We ordered 4 chicken steak dinners all the same, 2 kids mac and cheese meals, 1 appetizer of jalepeno wraps...We ended up with 3 steak dinners, no fourth one, but an order of Lone Star Chicken, 

Service was beyond awful, waitresses and waiters look like they don't want to be there. Food was really good. Everyone who got their food loved their food. 

For a nice atmosphere its nice, for service AWFUL. 

I honestly do not recommend this place at all. It is sad cause this place has alot of potential cause of location and the design...but for service and the price of the food it was just a horrible experience. 

they were offering Crawfish that you went to the Outside Bar to pay for and get...Well when we went to pay the tab, they tried billing us again...No one knew what the other was doing, they did that with our beer too. They assumed since there was beer on our table they should bill us, We waited so long we went to the outside bar to get it. 

And no we were not sitting at a non service table!! Just DONT GO! 

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