Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do you ever feel like the Energizer Bunny...that keep's going and going

The smell of coffee aroma fills my office as I sit here figuring out what to even get started on this morning. Have you ever had that kind of day when you just don’t know where to start? Have you ever looked at the week you have before you and it is already packed with the things to do and overlapping into your weekend? Do you ever get that feeling that you just aren’t going to catch that break time? 

I often find myself trying to balance a 10 hour work day, dinner, housework, friendships-family relationships/ and boyfriend time…Let me tell you, it is not always easy. It isn’t always easy to tell a girlfriend who may not have as many things going on in her schedule or that doesn’t work that you can’t make it to her girls night.

Don’t get stuck in the feeling like you’re the energizer bunny that just keeps going, going, and going. Don’t get to the feeling of “Someone pull that Energizer Battery out of me”. Please my friends, don’t be that woman we all sit back and ask, “Why did that girl just get put in the hospital?”… and someone says. She forgot to take a nap. 

Here is to prioritizing my chores, work, and living life to its fullest my friends

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I put an "S" on my Chest, cause I am a Super Woman..What is a Woman's Worth?

You know as I sat around and chatted with girlfriends the subject of a “Woman’s Worth” Came up. What exactly is a woman’s worth.  It got me thinking these last few days as I worked. You know this can also be said for some men who play the role of mother and dad. So what is that worth? 

What is getting up in the morning and getting everyone breakfast made and out the door with lunches packed worth? What is picking your child up in the middle of the night because they had the guts to call you and say I lied, and I am drunk? Come get me. How much is it worth when you go to work and you are at your worst and you don’t feel good, but you go anyways.  Because you know if you don’t go that someone has the possibility of not getting something that they want.

I know there are times by the time I get home, dinner, dishes, homework help, laundry, it is 9:30 before my shoes even come off or I sit down.I know that there are women out there that have an even more of a hectic schedule than me. 

As woman we are Superwoman. No matter what he put an S on our chest and continue on. 

In my opinion this is worth the extra $$ you spent spoiling her on Mother’s Day, it is worth the Breakfasts in bed you made her cause she wanted to sleep in. A Woman’s worth is the extra effort you take to bring home a bouquet of flowers so she can put somewhere and remind herself that she is loved and adored.

I know that in our life we all have that Special Woman in our life that is Worth more than anything you can buy to show her your appreciation. Please don't forget in our busy schedule's to show that Woman her worth. 

All it takes is a hug as you pass her by, letting her know that even though you might be busy yourself, you still have time to give her loving she needs and wants.

Women that are worth everything: Don’t forget it. Don’t ever settle for anything less. Because you my sister, my girlfriend, my cousins, my sister-in-laws, you my friends, you are worth all that you believe and more.