Monday, October 1, 2012

Wild West In Cedar Park, Texas Review! Loved it!!

Wild West in Cedar Park, Texas….FUN FUN and more FUN!

I have to say that I am not a boot scootin denim skirt wearing girl but I do love me some country music and love to watch people country dance! I had an amazing time...Check them out! 

From the soft opening night here is what I experienced….

Bar Service: Even though they were busy as could be and obviously didn’t realize that everyone that owned a pair of boots within a 75 mile radius would be checking out the dance floor! It was packed but I used the same bartender all night..(WACO… Love him, he rocked the night away) and he knew what I wanted before I got up to him after my first time thru his line. Bar back Brandon worked his pants off all night long, Loved his personality as well! I will have to say that their way of keeping tab was horrible. For a busy night the bartenders had a hard time shuffling through the piles of the paper to find your name and mark a drink down.  Luckily I used cash all night and didn’t have to wait for someone to shuffle thru all the piles of tabs.  My drinks were made well; Waco even named my drink for me so I don’t have to say Three Olive Grape and Sprite! He is the only bartender I used so that’s the only one I can really speak of. I might try someone else tonight when I check out the 98.1 KVET Surprise Chevy Surprise show…But I am one of those people once I find someone I like as a bartender I am loyal! So we will see.  

Atmosphere: Loved the atmosphere. It is a 2 level bar, there is NOT a bar upstairs so if you go up there, have a waitress or you will be climbing stairs to get another drink! The dance floor is more than able to handle all the dancers that were there on Friday. Everyone was able to dance comfortable and you really didn’t see anyone bumping into others, well you did but for other reasons… (Alcohol) They had a great DJ great personality as well; they played a variety of music ,  So for those of us (me) who can’t country dance worth a lick) we could still go out and dance to the hip hop songs and enjoy ourselves as well! There is a smoking area out back with tables, and ashtrays. 

Dress Code: From what I could tell as long as you weren’t wearing shorts you were able to get in. Most people looked very nice and of course I and a few others were not wearing boots and country clothes!

Overall I would say for a soft opening which didn’t turn out to be very soft at all due to the volume of people in and out all evening long, the management staff did a great job and the bar staff, bar backs, and the DJ made my night a great night and I am looking forward to some more great times out there as this year comes along! 

Who knows! I might just go buy a pair of boots before the time next summer comes along!!


  1. Thanks for your review, very informative! I will take my wife there for her birthday this weekend. Thank you again.


  2. Thanks for your review, very informative! I will take my wife there for her birthday this weekend. Thank you again.


  3. Shawn she will love it! Enjoy your evening out!!