Friday, April 20, 2012

Communication: Why it is so Vital?

Communication, something so needed to keep healthy relationships. Without we would all be a big mess and have a lot of hurt feelings. I know I myself have fallen the victim of mis-communication with my mother. And if we hadn't decided to talk about it, it could have caused a rift that neither one of us wanted to be their. Communication just pays such a vital key in our everyday life that we can't afford to get lazy with. 

What is Communication? It is sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings between people. Even a smile, frown, look of disappointment can communicate with someone. Silence can be away of communication as well. I think that is one of the reasons that I talk with my son and enjoy hearing what song he thinks is cool, or what he wants to do this or that weekend is so that he knows 2 things...1. I am paying attention to what’s going on in your life, and 2. I care! 

Why is Communication so Important on the Family aspect of it all? I believe it to be a way of showing respect for someone else’s needs or wants. It shows that you are interested in what they think and that they are important to you. 

Sometimes we assume that someone else knows how we feel, or we think they should know what we want. Relying on the assumption that someone is on the same page as us is more often the culprit to a lot of family and friendship drama. It can lead to feelings of resentment, loneliness, disappointment, frustration, and just plain old hurt feelings. We have all been there a few times in our lives haven’t we?

When communicating it is also imperative that we are honest and very clear on what we are saying. I am finding myself thinking before speaking. Didn’t John Wayne once say “Talk Low, talk Slow, and Don’t say too much”  I think it is great quote.  I noticed when I slowdown in what I have to say I catch myself rethinking how it needs to come out of my mouth therefore communicating in a healthier manner. 

Another key of communication isn’t just the talking, or a face gesture, It is the mere act of LISTENING, therefore showing respect. Boy how often do we have to talk louder than the other person to get our views or feelings across? I know I have done it maybe once, OK more like twice :)  When you listen to someone else’s views, especially a family member, don’t take for granted that you are already going to know what they are going to say or that you “tune them out” cause you think you already know. Sometimes even a question back and forth to the person you are listening to can be an affirmation and a way of letting them know I do care about the day you had, or how you feel, or Yeah I get it. I got it. 

Communicating is one of those things we can get so wrong, but if we can get it right. It helps a lot of families, friendships, re-gain our close connection. 

Just something that was on my mind this morning after a few conversations or thoughts taken the wrong way. Got me thinking…you know when it is raining outside I can’t help but think and write! Till Next time…Communicate and Listen to the ones you love!

Review on Hemingway's Restaurant and Bar in Cedar Park, Texas

Hemingway’s in Cedar Park off Cypress Creek Road. I have been here one time and I will have to say, I Had a pleasant experience. 

Food Menu: It had a nice variety of dishes, I tried the “Pulled Chicken Melt” it was a mix of Roasted Tender chicken, Swiss cheese, Tomatoes, served on toasted German Dark wheat bread. I will have to say I had planned on eating half of my sandwich with fries because I was eating at 11:30 in the evening and ended up eating the entire sandwich, and gave the fries to the boyfriend, and the one I did eat was good. It was a pleasant dish and I would eat it again. (although I want to try something different next time)  They have a large variety: Everything from a Greek Burger, Beeves Galveston (Seared tenderloin topped with our own crawfish & shrimp whiskey pecan butter sauce), to Mom’s Kitchen.
They do have small plate portions for lunch time specials! So that is a plus! 

Atmosphere: As all of you know I enjoy all kind of experiences from the grunge neighborhood bar to the high life atmosphere of “The Domain” experience. Hemingway’s had a nice architecture feel to it, It was very soothing, and still managed to keep a Texas Vibe to it as well. I was dressed casual that evening and just wanted to go home real quick and slip into something a little bit sexier, nicer, and classier. I loved it. It is the perfect place to end a great date night on the town dancing, stop in, cool off, and sip a great drink. I liked it. It wasn’t the place however that I would choose to watch a basketball or football game. I did notice that they had a large patio and that it was dog friendly! Always a plus for that one! Man’s best friend. 

Customer Service: I can’t speak on that part because I was there on there 5th day open and they didn’t have a lot of traffic in and out, but our 2 bartenders that were there were awesome and we all ended up laughing and striking up good conversation and what was supposed to be a “get something to eat” ended up being, lets grab a cocktail and chill kind of night. So I must go and try them out again on the customer service aspect. 

Happy Hour/Bar:
They offer Happy Hour Prices from 3-6 daily, and then from 9-close, and also offer there menu portion “small plates” at half off. I think that is great. They offer on tap Austin Amber Beer, Guinnes, Fireman’s 4, and Pacifico…from what I saw they had a large selection of wines to choose from. 

Private Room: I haven’t seen the private room that they offer but It is always a plus when you have that option. It is for parties of 25 or more guests and not to exceed 48…Limit occupancies…got to love them.

So overall I will have to say that I enjoyed my first visit there, I do plan on going back and grading them on a lot more. I sat at the bar and wasn’t able to see how food would be brought out, what the wait staff wear’s or what the hostess will treat me like. So I think another visit soon is in order. We shall see. If you have been there and have any interesting thing to add to the review, please comment below. I would love to see what your opinions are!