Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Moviehouse and Eatery off 620 North in Austin, Texas Review!! Enjoy!

First of all I have to say, When I go out...I liked being spoiled for my $$ I am spending. So I love this place! How many of you here in Austin love the Domain's Ipic? Me, Me is my answer, but the price to sit in a plush recliner and kick back takes a bite out of your wallet. What I like about The Moviehouse and Eatery, was I paid $12 for the same experience that I love at the Domain...COMFORT!! 

Lobby: It had a full service bar where my friends and I gathered before the movie and had margaritas!! It had great seating and plenty of room! Plus for me! I love friend time and in a movie, its not like you can talk the entire time...Hello you are there for the movie so the lobby area gave us some chit chat time! Winning so far! 

Dine In theater: 
This is for 18+ and up, unless accompanied by a parent! If you’re looking for a more-traditional movie going experience, or you just don’t happen to be hungry, they offer four general admission theaters as well. With D-BOX seating, giant screens, and the latest in sound and projection technology, there is an experience for whatever mood you may be in!

Reserved Seating: Me likey!! I love knowing I am sitting exactly where I want. The very back, on the Left end!! So I love this part!! 

Big House and 3D 
This contains a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screen which makes it one of the largest viewing experiences in the region. The Big House’s dine-in auditorium features high frame rate digital projection along with Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound to produce the ultimate immersive movie experience. Enjoy the big screen and the best sound with Big House.

Dbox Seating: I didn't do those this time so I will have to add this to the review once I try them!! 

The Dining: Let me say! My food was delicious! I had the Fried Cheese(cheese sticks) Those were off the chain YUM!! I had "The Big Jake" Pepper Jack Cheese, Bacon,Horseradish Aioli, Red Pepper relish, and Bourbon BBQ Sauce...OMGZZ...I did not get the queso fries, I got sweet potatoe fries instead, but man oh man...This was an amazing burger! I would definitely get it again! I did not have room for desert!  
Moviehouse and Eatery MENU!!

The cocktail: I had 2 drinks. Margarita with Herrudura silver tequila....this was good, but the Mexican Martini....Ah YUM! I thought both were made well! 

Price: The prices for the food and the drinks are very close to the Doamin's Ipic, the seat prices were cheaper! 

I give this place a great thumbs up! I dont know that I could ever go back to a regular theater again. Spoiled I am!

Movies playing currently in Austin Texas!  
Moviehouse and Eatery

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