Thursday, August 28, 2014

Austin Downtown Live Music Shows that Start before Midnight August 28th

Karaoke and Bruce Newman @ Nutty Brown cafe...6pm 
Landers/Marshall Duo @ Cafe Ruckus 7pm 
High Dive (ATX) Carousel Lounge 7pm 
Drew Womack @ Scholz Garten 7pm 
ALPHA REV Acoustic Jam, Isaac @ The roost 7pm 
Don and Robin Tharrett @ Roots Bistro 7pm 
American Aquarium, Johnny Burke @ Stubb's(Inside) 8pm 
LSP Los Seis Pistos, The Scary Mondelos, and Amnesia Babies @ Red eye fly 8pm 
Aaron Stephens @ Scoot Inn 8pm 
The Soul Supporters, Mojo Queen @ The North Door 8pm 
Reese and The Bonus Plan @ Sweetwater 8pm 
Dick Lee Erwin, Paul C. Klemperer, and Rob Halverson @ Skylark Lounge 8.30pm 
Uptown Joe, Eric White @ The Lucky Lounge 9pm 
Bear in Heavem, WeekNight, Tommy Howard and 3 more bands @ The Parish 9pm 
Ginger A. Thompson @ The Brass House 9pm 
Lonesome Heroes @ Waterloo Records 9pm 
Mike MAZE @ the Lucky Lounge 9pm 
KB the Boo Bonic, TRAMPIA< Lady PharOH, and 3 more bands @ Flamingo Cantina 9.30pm 
Teddy Long @ Baker Street Pub and Grill 9.30pm 
The Governors, Them Duqaines, and Silas Lowe @ The White Horse 10pm 
Erik Larson and the Peacemaker @ Strange Brew Lounge 10pm 
Them Duqaines @ The White Horse 10pm 
Craig Marshall, Meganoke, Ginger Thompson @ Brass House Tavern 10.50pm 
The Parish Festival @ the Rattle Inn 11pm 
Britny Lobas & Red Coral @ One-2-One Bar 11.30pm 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27th 2014 Downtown Live Music Lineup that start before Midnight!

$5 Burgers @ Nutty Brown cafe 11am 
Stubb's Inside: Dana Falconberry, Matt the Electrician show starts at 5pm 
Mau Mau Chaplains @ Flamingo Cantina 5pm 
Dirty Dog Bar: The Jitterbug Vipers and Sarah Sharp, Show starts at 6pm 
Jesse Vain and the Happ @ Central Market North Lamar 
Shadow of Whales @ Sessions Hall 7pm 
Sahara Lounge: The Hang, JoDee Purkeypile, Booher and 6 more bands 7pm 
The White Horse: The Stargazers and Hog Branch, Show starts at 8pm 
DJ Bling #atx @ Historic Victory Grill 8pm 
Sweetwater: Brother Nothing and then Casey Hubble 8pm 
Katablu @ Red Eye Fly 8pm 
Scoot Inn: Tre Houston and then Tflasha 8pm 
The frank Mustard Project @ Carousel Lounge 8pm 
The Roost: The Chubby Knuckle Choir and then Tres Womack 8.30pm 
29th Street Ballroom: Monthly Residency and then the Coattails 9pm 
Eric Bettencourt @ Baker Street Pub 9pm 
The Parish: Secret Someones, Wolf Gang, Sir Sly and the Wolf Gang 9pm 
Roberto Mamalon @ Graham Central Station 9pm 
The Susquehanna Hat Company @ Hole in the Wall 9pm 
Spazmatics Cleveland @ Cedar Street 9.30pm 
Carson McHone @ The White Horse 10pm 
The Coordinates @ the Roost 10pm 

Moviehouse and Eatery off 620 North in Austin, Texas Review!! Enjoy!

First of all I have to say, When I go out...I liked being spoiled for my $$ I am spending. So I love this place! How many of you here in Austin love the Domain's Ipic? Me, Me is my answer, but the price to sit in a plush recliner and kick back takes a bite out of your wallet. What I like about The Moviehouse and Eatery, was I paid $12 for the same experience that I love at the Domain...COMFORT!! 

Lobby: It had a full service bar where my friends and I gathered before the movie and had margaritas!! It had great seating and plenty of room! Plus for me! I love friend time and in a movie, its not like you can talk the entire time...Hello you are there for the movie so the lobby area gave us some chit chat time! Winning so far! 

Dine In theater: 
This is for 18+ and up, unless accompanied by a parent! If you’re looking for a more-traditional movie going experience, or you just don’t happen to be hungry, they offer four general admission theaters as well. With D-BOX seating, giant screens, and the latest in sound and projection technology, there is an experience for whatever mood you may be in!

Reserved Seating: Me likey!! I love knowing I am sitting exactly where I want. The very back, on the Left end!! So I love this part!! 

Big House and 3D 
This contains a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screen which makes it one of the largest viewing experiences in the region. The Big House’s dine-in auditorium features high frame rate digital projection along with Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound to produce the ultimate immersive movie experience. Enjoy the big screen and the best sound with Big House.

Dbox Seating: I didn't do those this time so I will have to add this to the review once I try them!! 

The Dining: Let me say! My food was delicious! I had the Fried Cheese(cheese sticks) Those were off the chain YUM!! I had "The Big Jake" Pepper Jack Cheese, Bacon,Horseradish Aioli, Red Pepper relish, and Bourbon BBQ Sauce...OMGZZ...I did not get the queso fries, I got sweet potatoe fries instead, but man oh man...This was an amazing burger! I would definitely get it again! I did not have room for desert!  
Moviehouse and Eatery MENU!!

The cocktail: I had 2 drinks. Margarita with Herrudura silver tequila....this was good, but the Mexican Martini....Ah YUM! I thought both were made well! 

Price: The prices for the food and the drinks are very close to the Doamin's Ipic, the seat prices were cheaper! 

I give this place a great thumbs up! I dont know that I could ever go back to a regular theater again. Spoiled I am!

Movies playing currently in Austin Texas!  
Moviehouse and Eatery

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hardtails Bar and Grill in Georgetown, Texas Live Music September Line Up! 2014

Sept 5th Leannsaurus Rex 8pm-12am
Sept 6th LC Rocks (Outdoors) No Time Listed
Sept 11th Brodie Lane  8pm-12am
Sept 12th Sticky Notes 8pm-12am
Sept 13th David Allen Coe (Outdoors) No time Listed 
Sept 18th Chris Mann Trio & Southbound Drifters 8pm-12am 
Sept 19th Instigators 8pm-12am 
Sept. 20th Shopdawgs 9pm-1am 
Sept. 25th Amber Lucille 8pm-12am 
Sept 26th Groove Night 8pm-12am
Sept 27th Snakeboy Johnson 9pm-1am

LC Rocks September 2014 Live Music Shows!

Sept 1st Shooters (620) 
Sept. 2nd Billy's Ice House New Braunfels 9.30pm 
Sept. 8th Hanovers 9.30pm 
Sept. 9th Private Event 
Sept. 16th Shooters (CP) 
Sept 23rd Cedar Street Courtyard 9.30pm 
Sept 30th Lago Del Pino Tyler Texas 9pm 

The Oasis Live Music Lineup for September 2014!

Sept. 5th Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes 7pm 
Sept. 6th Swagger 7pm
Sept. 7th The Brew 7pm 
Sept 12th Memphis Train 7pm 
Sept. 13th The Stooch Band 7pm 
Sept 14th Cars and Coffee Show and then The Brew at 7pm 
Sept 19th Suede 7pm 
Sept 20th Psychic Cowboys 7pm 
Sept 21st The Brew 
Sept 26th The Eggmen 7pm 
Sept 27th Private Event 
Sept 28th The Brew

August 26th 2014 Downtown Shows that start before Midnight!

Erez @ Broken Spoke (??)
Brandon Bentley @ Krave Wine Bar 4pm 
Bob Cheevers @ Four Seasons Austin 5.30pm 
Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars @ Long Center for the Performing Art Center 6pm 
Rose Sinclair @ Broken Spoke 6pm 
The Gents @ Waterloo Records 7pm 
Amy Zamarripa @ Whip in Parlour Cafe and Market 7pm 
Red Silo Presents-Karaoke @ Roots Bistro 7pm 
Dirty Dop Bar: Darkness Divided, Insights, and Drown the Coward..Show starts at 7pm 
Country Mouse @ North Door Main Stage 8pm 
The Coordinates @ the Roost 8pm 
Jenna-G @ Hole in the Wall 8pm 
Spider House Ballroom : Choppa Muisk Ent and A&R Watch, starts at 8pm 
Karen Tennison @ Brass House 8pm 
Dickie Lee Erwin @ Skylark Lounge 8pm 
Tiffany Alana Dodgen @ The Driskill Hotel 8pm 
The Reen @ the Lucky Lounge 8pm 
Derrick Davis Band @ One-2-One Bar 8.30pm 
Tish & the Mizzbehavin Band @ Dizzy Rooster 8.30pm 
Jelly Bread @ The Parish 9pm 
Nick & Paige @ the Gypsy Lounge 9pm 
The White Horse: Charlie Pierce and Choctaw Wildfire, show atarts at 10pm 
Choppa Musik Ent @ Spider House Ballroom 10.30pm 
Mainstreem @ 29th Street Ballroom 11pm

Lone Star Grille in Cedar Park Live Music Line Up!

Fri, Sep 5 | 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Fri, Sep 12 | 7:00pm - 11:00pm
William Fortney Trio
Fri, Sep 19 | 7:00pm - 10:30pm
moonlight Social
Sat, Sep 20 | 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Fri, Sep 26 | 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Tish and MizBeHavin
Fri, Oct 3 | 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Fri, Oct 10 | 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Fri, Oct 17 | 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Vallejo w/ Hounds of Jezebel
Sat, Oct 25 | 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Shooters Music Line up for September 2014

Sept. 1st LC Rocks (620) 9.30pm
Sept. 2nd Mullet Boyz (CP)  9.30pm
Sept. 8th Nudge (620) 9pm
Sept. 9th Minx (CP) 9pm
Sept. 15th Stooch Band (620) 9pm
Sept. 16th LC Rocks (CP) 9.30pm 
Sept. 22nd Check 1 (620) 9pm
Sept. 23rd Stooch Band (CP) 9pm
Sept. 29th Lixbox (620) 9pm
Sept 30th Suede (CP) 9.30pm

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Austin Downtown Shows for 8/7/2014

Stubb's Inside: Black Eyed Vermillion and Black Irish Texas 5pm 
Cj TheBest @ Cafe Mueller 6pm 
Cole Washburn @ Strange Brew Lounge 6pm 
Teddy Long @ Poodie's Roadhouse 6pm 
Elizabeth McQueen Music @ Central Market Lamar 7pm 
Leslie Karen Krafka @ One-2-One Bar 7.30pm 
Bad Rooster @ Hardtails Bar and Grill 8pm 
Dirty Dog Bar: Thunderosa, GidZillah, Ocean of Stars, The Warhorses, and Rick Furley 8pm
Reese and the Bonus Plan @ Sweetwater 8pm 
Bottom Dollar String Band @ the Parish 8pm 
The Belmont: Dead Man's Mail, Zoso the Ultiamte Led Zeppelin 8pm 
Beerland: 5 Years and Counting, Dead Strangers, and Fast Love 8pm @ Beerland 8pm 
Scoot Inn: Seven Circles Music, See you in the Morning, Magic Nanna, and G. King 8pm
Big Cabin @ Hole in the Wall 8pm
Light in the Sun @ the Lucky Lounge 8.30pm 
29th Street Ballroom at Spider House: Blu, Med, Riders Against the Storm, and 2 more Bands 9pm 
The Continental Club: What Made Milwaukee Famous and A. Sinclair 9pm 
The Memphis Strange @ One-2-One Bar 9.30pm 
The Widgeon Holland Band @ Baker Street Pub Bar and Grill 9.45pm 
Nick & Paige @ Saxon Pub 10pm 
Oceans of Stars @ Dirty Dog Bar 10pm 
Baby Atlas @ one-2-One Bar 11pm 
Atlas Maior @ Sahara Lounge 11.30pm

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Austin Downtown 8/6/2014 Shows!

Nutty Brown Cafe: Jamie Lin Wilson, Aaron Watson, and Josh Ward 6.30pm 
Karen Goh One-2-One Bar 6.30pm 
RareForm @ Spinners 7pm 
NostoneMusic @ Spinners 7pm 
The Belmont: Mariachi Las Coronelas, Vitera, and Metalachi: The Worlds Finest, and Dan Corona 7pm 
The Parish Festival @ Clive Bar 7pm 
Corbin Young @ Stompin Grounds 8pm 
DJ Bling #ATX @ Historic Victory Grill 8pm 
Sweetwater: Brother Nothing and Casey Hubble 8pm 
Colt Buckelew and the Crossroads @ Spinners Bar and Grill 8pm 
Saxon Pub: The Drugstore Gypsies and Midnight Social 8pm 
The Clumps @ Red Eye Fly 8pm 
Dirty Dog Bar: i, The Breather, Kingdom of Giants, Every Passing Dream and 3 more bands 8pm 
Moonlight Special @ Saxon Pub 8.30pm 
29th Street Ballroom at Spider House: Moonlight Residency and Coattails 
The Susquehanna Hat Company @ Hole in the Wall 9pm 
Baker Street Pub and Grill: Julie Nolen, Joy Davis, Jesse Stratton Music, and Ana Bee 9pm 
Stubb's inside: Miniature Tigers, New Name, The Griswolds 9pm 
The Elephant Room: Andre Hayward and JazzBonez 9.30pm 
The Wyldz @ The Lucky Lounge 10pm 
Tyree wit' one E @ 29th Street Ballroom at Spider House 11pm 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Oasis Live Music August 2014 Calendar! Enjoy the Sunset too!

8/7 Code Blue 
8/8 JumpStart
8/9 Teddy Long 6pm 
8/9 Austin Party Band 7pm
8/17 The Brew 7pm
8/18 Republic of Texas Band 8pm
8/21 The Stooch Band 7pm
The Eggmen 7pm 
8/23 Zachary John  6pm 
8/23 Dysfunkshun Junkshun 7pm 
8/24 The Brew 7pm 
8/28 Mark Eric 
8/29 Reunion 
8/30 Dillon Havins and Friends 6pm 
8/30 Time Warp 7pm 
8/31 The Brew 7pm

Jennifer B and the Groove Shows for August 2014

8/8 Westside Ale House (RR) 7pm 
8/16 Blue Corn Harvest (CP) 12pm (usually a 7pm showing) will re-check in a few days! 
8/19 Moontower Saloon (ATX) 1.30pm 
8/22 Little Woodrows (Parmer Ln) 7pm 
8/29 Westside Ale House (RR) 7pm

The Stooch Band August 2014 Lineup! Check back to see if shows are added!

8/15 Shooters (620) 9.30pm
8/21 The Oasis 7pm 
8/23 Shooters (CP) 8pm

Rumi's Tavern Live Music Line Up for August 2014

8/8 Strange Dayz-Austin Doors Tribute Band 
8/9 Snakeboy Johnson Band 
8/23 Palacios Bros. 
8/24 North Shore Music Bash #3 featuring 5 bands, Fundraiser!
8/29 The James Fosler Band 

Austin, TX Downtown Music Line Up for 8/05/2014 Enjoy!

Billy Joe Shaver @ Waterloo Records 5pm 
SuperCaine @ Hotel Vegas 5pm 
Blacktop Bend @Mueller Farmers Market 5.30pm
Evening Crowd @ Dirty Dog Bar 7pm 
Carousel Lounge: Danielle Reich and Pyramid Drive starts 7pm 
Dirty Dog Bar: Knockout Kid, Evening Crowd, Hitting and 2 more bands starts 7pm
Kareoke by Red Silo @ Roots Bistro 7pm 
Strange Brew, Lounge Side: Johnny Goudi, Kurt Neumann, and Cory Glaeser starts 7.30pm
Darkest Country Roads @ Red Eye Fly 
Jim Ragland @ the Driskill Hotel 8pm 
Oh Antonio+His Imaginary Friends @ Empire Control Room and Garage 8pm 
Cory Williams Music @ Saxon Pub 8pm 
Hole in the Wall: Jenna-G, Rivertrane starts 8pm 
Andre Hayward @ Brass House 8pm 
Carousel Lounge: Andy Nolte, Khali Haat 8pm 
Karen Tennison @ Brass House 8pm 
Skylark Lounge: Dickie Lee Erwin, Chris Mietus 8pm 
Matthew Aquires @ Swan Dive 9pm 
Clarke Edward Andros @ The Rattle Inn 10pm 
Dean Seltzer @Sherlock's Baker St. Pub 10pm 
Devin Jake @ the White horse 10pm 
Yung Prospect @ 29th Street Ballroom at Spider House 11pm
Mainstream @ 29th Street Ballroom at Spider House 11pm 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Wild West Cedar Park Review #2!

So the first time I did my review to Wild West I had only been there twice! 

Atmosphere: There are times as a 37 year old, I find as I look around that there are more people with "X" stamped on their hand and there to just dance and be annoying. I do however love the new DJ, he plays a great set. Not so repetitious as the before DJ!

Drink Specials: If you make it out on a Wednesday or Thursday, or Friday 6-8, the pocket book will love you! 

Friday Dance Lessons: Free and looks fun, I always get there too late :( 

Live Music: They have had alot of awesome shows this year and I am looking forward to a few more! I dont think I have paid more than $15 or so for a good show! 

Dress Code: They have gotten more relaxed on the dress code. Before men couldn't come in with shorts and sandals, I do see men wearing shorts on occasion. If you look frumpy or dirty, there not going to let you in. 

Cover: There are cover fees for Friday and Saturday

They flase advertised about "The first 200 ladies in get a free Get in "VIL" card....Basically you don't have to pay the cover to get in. Well I get there at 6 like it says and they proceed to tell me they wont give us a # until 8, where we stand in line. Once in line, we get our #, and then its 9 by then and still nothing...So I go to the guy and ask them how this get there at 6, you get in line at 8, they give you a dot that has a # on it, and then around 9.30 or 10 they call the #'s up and you will get your card. If I were to stay at Wild West drinking there Happy Hour $2.50 from 6-8, then drink more from 8-10...I would be drunk and unable to drive. Unless you got all night it isn't worth the trouble.

Overall I do enjoy Wild West and Its a place I like to go with all my girlfriends! 

Wild West Music Events for August 2014

8/5 Teen Night 
8/6 People's Choice 
8/7 Bleu Edmondson 
8/10 Teen Night 
8/12 Teen Night 
8/13 Billy Holt 
8/14 Sam Riggs and the Night People 
8/17 Teen Night 
8/19 Teen Night 
8/20 People's Choice 
8/21 Roger Creager
8/24 Teen Night 
8/27 Texas Unlimited Band 
8/31 Teen Night 

Blue Corn Harvest Bar and Grill Review! Enjoy and check it out sometime!

Ok!! I have been to Blue Corn Harvest Bar and Grill a few times for music on the patio and I now have eaten there, I am ready to do my review!

Food: So far all of the food I have gotten there has been delicious! Fresh and hot! I recommend for an appetizer the Diablo Wings! Delish! The price range on the Menu is a tad more than a Chili's, but for the Real food you get it is worth it! Blue Corn Harvest Bar and Grill Website

Service: We actually had 2 excellent servers(It didn't help that they were cuties as well) I cant for the life of me remember our first servers name, But I remember the 2nd, His name was Tristan! Excellent and Nice to chit chat with! 

Atmosphere: The outside patio definitely needs new patio furniture and shade! I haven't eaten inside yet and will add to the review once I do! 

When they have live music, you can expect to wait to sit inside and outside, But they have a pleasant little area where you can go wait. It has a few picnic tables! Looks to me like they are growing some fresh spices and peppers as well. So you will wait to eat but the bar will serve you and you can walk around outside until you get a seat! 

Overall I have to say that I have had 2 great experiences at Blue Corn Harvest. Don't go when you are in a rush...Go when you have time to sit on the patio and take in the live music and sip some wine! 

Hook 'em Horns!!

Hardtails Bar and Grill in Georgetown August 2014 Music Line Up!

8/7 Bad Rooster 8pm
8/8 One Resistance 8pm
8/9 American Gypsy 9
8/14 Brodie Lane 8
8/15 John Austin 8
8/16 Radio Star
8/21 Soul Shaker
8/22 Lee Lersons
8/23 Micheal Saldalgo
8/28 7 Years Today
8/29 The Crush
8/30 Texas Players

Suede Austin Band August 2014 Shows

8/14 Private Event @ Speak Easy's
8/15 Cedar Street @9.30pm-1.30am
8/16 Steiner Rance, Towne Square Fields  (12550 Country Trails lane 78732) 7:00-9:30
8/22 Hanovers in Pflugerville 9.30pm-1.30am
8/23 The Glass Cactus, Grapevine,Texas 9pm-1am
8/29 The Roost Wells Branch 9pm-1am
8/30 Shooters in Cedar Park 9.30pm-1.30am

LC Rocks August 2014 Shows

8/8 Hanovers in Pflugerville @9.30pm
8/16 Shooters in Cedar Park 10pm
8/23 Cedar Street in Austin 9.30pm
8/30 Lago Del Pino Tyler,Texas 9pm

Downtown Music Line up for Austin, Texas Shows! 8/04/2014 Shows!

SuperCaine @ Firehouse Hostel and Lounge @5pm
Graham Wilkinson Music @ Clive Bar 6pm
Tres Bourbonnais @ the Driskill Hotel 6pm
Julia Magness @ The Continental Club 6pm
Karen Tennison @ The Elephant Room 6.30pm
George Ensle @ Poodie's Roadhouse 6.30pm
Stubbs inside: Dirty Heads and the Pepper, Aer, and Katastro starts @7pm
Dirty Dog Bar: Farewell, My Love, Jamie's Elsewhere, Incredible' Me, Taking on Podeidon, and Lionfight
Judith Miller Band @ BB Rovers 7pm
David Carroll @ El Mercado 7.30pm
The Other Stoney @ Shiner's Saloon 8pm
Mozarts Coffee: Tully, John Wilson, Susanna Lee, and Marlo Buonodono starts 8pm
Kalu James @The Continental Club 8pm
Hole in the Wall: Tex Smith, Josh Buckley, and Union Specific @8pm
SaulPaul @ Austin Ale House 8pm
The Gallery: Elias Haslanger Music, Jake Langley, Dr. James Polk and Centerpeace, Scott Laningham, Daniel Durham
Ken Williams @ Red Eye Fly 8pm
Mike Milligan and the Altar Boyz @ Maggie Mae's 8.30pm
The Continental Club: Andre Hayward, Elias Haslanger Music 8.30pm
W.C. Clark Blues Revue ROXY ROCA @ The Roost 8.30pm
Audic Empire @ Stubb's 9pm
Bryce Clifford & Brother Superior @ Blackheart Bar 9pm
The Vapid Show 29th Street Ballroom at Spider House
Jesse Vain and the Happy Hour Holiness Movement @ Hotel Vegas 10pm